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2011 Health Rate Increases

Read the Press Release Announcing the 2011 Proposed Wellmark Rate Increase

2011 Wellmark Decision Press Release

Read the Transcript of the January 6, 2011 Wellmark Proposed Rate Increase Public Hearing

January 6, 2011 Wellmark Public Hearing Transcript

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Consumer Advocate Report Regarding the Public Testimony and Comments

Click below to read the Consumer Advocate’s report reviewing the public comments and testimony presented to the Commissioner of Insurance.  All comments included in the report were received on or before January 6, 2011.

2011 Wellmark Hearing Public Testimony and Comments Report

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Read the Actuarial Opinions for Wellmark’s Proposed 2011 Increase

THE INSURANCE DIVISION ACTUARIAL REVIEW:  The Iowa Insurance Division maintains departmental actuaries to assist the Commissioner of Insurance in reviewing rate increase applications. 
Click here to read the Iowa Insurance Division’s actuaries report to the Commissioner:  Insurance Division Reivew 4-1-1_2011 Wellmark Rate Filing.

THE INDEPENDENT REVIEW:  By Executive Order, all health insurance rate increases are subject to independent actuarial review, before a decision is made on a rate application. This review is completely separate from the departmental review of proposed rate increase applications. The independent actuaries, Lewis and Ellis Inc., only work for government agencies (never insurance companies due to conflicts of interests) and are located out of state. 
Click here to review the Independent Review LE Report – Wellmark 2011.

Agenda for Proposed Rate Increase Public Hearing

Wellmark Hearing Agenda

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Policyholders Can Weigh in on Hearing Without the Drive to Des Moines

The Insurance Division has worked with contacts to provide remote teleconferencing locations throughout Iowa during the hearing.  The teleconferencing of the hearing, which will physically occur in the Insurance Division’s Des Moines office building, will enable the public to hear any presentations or statements made during the hearing remotely from select locations, as well as provide an opportunity for consumers to make statements to the Commissioner during the public comment period.  Each remote site will provide speakerphone access to the meeting for anyone wishing to voice their comments or for anyone just wanting to listen to the process.

Click here for a list of Teleconferencing Cities.

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Read the Dec. 18, 2010 Wellmark Rate Increase Public Hearing Transcript

18 Dec 2010 Wellmark Public Hearing Transcript

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Read the Wellmark Rate Increase Application Documents

View the rate increase application submited to the Iowa Insurance Division by Wellmark at the link below.  The application includes the data provided to support the requested rate increase.

Wellmark Rate Increase Application

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Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Rate Increase Comments

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa has requested a base rate increase of approximately 10.8%  for April 1, 2011.  Consumer and consumer groups are welcome and encouraged to read and post comments or concerns on this rate hearing website or Twitter page.  Comments and concerns will be reported by the Consumer Advocate and provided to the Iowa Commissioner of Insurance during the Wellmark rate hearing prior to making a decision on the requested rate increase.  The Consumer Advocates report will be presented at the January 6, 2011 Wellmark rate increase public hearing.

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