Wellmark has requested an average rate increase of 26.5% for its Wellmark, Inc. ACA-compliant health insurance plans and 28.7% for its Wellmark Health Plan of Iowa ACA-compliant health plans.  A public rate increase hearing will be held in Des Moines, on July 25, 2015, at 10:30 am to hear testimony and receive additional public comment.  The address of the hearing location and the remote teleconferencing location can be below.

Rate Hearing Locations

Wellmark Proposed Rate Increase Application Information:

WHPI IND Part II, Part I, Part III for website

IA Individual Part II, Part I, Part III for website

Actuarial Memorandum WHPI 2016 filing

Actuarial Memorandum Inc 2016 filing

2016 Rate Increase Hearing Agenda

2016 Wellmark Inc. Hearing Public Testimony and Comments Report

2016 Health Insurance Rate Increase Hearing Transcript

Public Comments