Jean O. - Des Moines - September 8, 2021

Say no to Wellnarks rate increase.  Our neighbors are struggling with the pandemic and health care is so necessary to their survival.  It is cruel to raise rates so steeply at this time.


Nora G. - Nora Springs - September 7, 2021

Do NOT increase our rates. People are hurting and cannot afford anymore financial burdens. Care should be a right not a fight; we should not have to break the bank to get the treatments and medicines we need to live.


Tom C. - Iowa City - September 2, 2021

Wellmark/BCBS has reported substantial revenues for the past year. A 21% increase in premiums in not necessary. I urge you to reject the price increase.


Phillip K. - Coralville - September 1, 2021

Everyday Iowans deserve access to care when and where we need it without skyrocketing premiums and denials of care. Please side with everyday Iowans and deny Wellmark and UnitedHealthcare's premium increases.


Hurd H. - Fairfield - September 1, 2021

My wife and I strongly oppose any rate increase to  Wellmark/or Medi. These people already have seen profits most people would be happy with.

They seek to profiteer off of our merger income, which will in-turn force us to scrape together more funds just to survive.

Simply put, reject their rate increase, reject their greed!


Patrick B. - Fairfield - September 1, 2021

Despite solid revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wellmark BCBS and UnitedHealthcare have proposed a 21% and 25% premium increase for some of their individual health insurance plans, including ACA plans, for 2022. This is unconscionable. I urge you to deny these requests.


Jane A. - Ankeny - September 1, 2021

I'm writing to urge you not to approve the greater than 20% premium increase for Wellmark.    This is not affordable for me and I rely on ACA plans for my health coverage.   I'm sure it is not affordable for many others, especially with wages so low for many in the service industry and due to the financial hit many have taken from the COVID pandemic.  Please protect the affordability of health care and not the profits of Wellmark.


Kim A. - Elk Horn - August 27, 2021

I will ask you the same question as I did last year. How can you continue to allow BCBC to increase their premium every year without proof of a need for this increase or a year end follow up to show proof that the increase was needed. Just the fox gaurding the hen house. How many claims do insurance companies get out of paying because of the place of sercice code game, have you researched this? How about researching the class action antitrust lawsuit? The fox will tell you what you would like to hear and us hens just pay the price year after year! How much covid money did the insurance companies receive through PPP or Eidl or other federal monies? My rate increase last year was over 14% but they want another one this year that I am sure they will bump up to at least 10% you know since we all move into a new age bracket every birthday!


Derek O. - Iowa City - August 27, 2021

Hello, my name is Derek Ott , I am 56, self employed, and live in Iowa City, Ia.  I was a RPh for 25 yrs so I understand how our "sickcare" system works.  I eat right, exercise regularly, get some rest and am on no medication and have no health issues.  Isn't it amazing how that works out? Because I actually care about my health and act accordingly, my reward is to pay constantly increasing astronomical health insurance rates so I can subsidize all those who don't act responsibly w/respect to eating right / exercising and really don't care about their health until something goes wrong.  Why haven't we found a way after all these years of consistently skyrocketing health insurance costs to INCENTIVIZE / REWARD "PREVENTATIVE HEALTH"?

I  have used this health insurance plan one time since I signed up for it in 2008 and have called Wellmark BCBS many times asking for a different policy that may actually reward the patient for being healthy instead of penalizing them and have consistently been told that there aren't any other alternatives for someone like me.  In 2008 this plan cost me $308 per quarter year and this year in 2021 the same plan costs me $1436 per quarter and now "THE CROOKS WHO RUN WELLMARK" want to raise my rates another 6% after a "pandemic" year in which most people didn't even go to the Dr and put off medical procedures altogether?

Let me do the math for you - In the 13 years since I started this policy it has increased 366% which comes out to an average of over 28% per year.  When you look at those numbers the first question that comes to mind is if there really is an "Iowa Insurance Commissioner" that is looking out for the public and doing their job that even exists?  The second question that comes to mind is how much money do the "TOP CRIMINALS" that run these so called "health? insurance" companies make annually and are they even doing anything to keep costs down or do they just raise the prices every year to make sure they are able to provide themselves a big fat $$$ raise for doing nothing except raising the rates?

I think that if these companies are allowed to continually "GOUGE" patients year after year then it should be made mandatory by the "Iowa Insurance Commissioner" that the annual salaries / bonuses of the CEO and Upper level managements of these companies be made public knowledge to those who have a policy with the company so those people can judge to see if the astronomical rates they are paying just might happen to coincide with the astronomical salaries that are being paid to those at the top who do nothing but just sit back and give themselves a big fat pay raise every year bc "health care costs always go up?" or are doing anything worth their salt to actually do something / anything  to keep costs down and under control?

Personally, I think it is "INSANITY" to think that the price of "ANYTHING" that is supposedly being actively managed to "KEEP COSTS DOWN?" can increase 366% at an average rate of greater than 28% per year over 13 years ?? Something about these "ALWAYS INCREASING" health? care costs "STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN" and I sure hope that there really is an "Iowa Insurance Commissioner" who really exists and is actively doing their job looking out for the public who pays their salary instead of just giving a annual "WINK AND A NOD" to these CORPORATE CRIMINALS who are constantly giving themselves and their boards of directors big fat pay raises every year for doing a rotten job.


D. B. - Atlantic - August 25, 2021

Wellmark has been allowed to raise rates annually for many years, partially due to the rise in health care services costs.  The covered amount of preventative care on my policy has not been increased annually, or ever. If they are allowed to raise rates, they should also be raising the cap on covered preventative care.  Each year I am able to get less services because the price is always increasing.


Dera B. - Des Moines - August 24, 2021

As someone who is employed full time without healthcare benefits, a lower base premium rate is essential for me in order to afford decent healthcare coverage. With my tax credits, I am able to have better access to my prescriptions and doctors. If the base premium rates increase I fear for myself and those in similar situations as we should all have access to the affordable healthcare we so vitally need and want. Other people, like myself, in my rating class do not want to see our premiums rise as many of us probably don't seek the frequent medical attention we want to as those visits can be quite expensive. I would say most in my rating class, if they're anything like me, would love to see even more affordable healthcare so we could get the full coverage and attention we may want and need. Thank you for your consideration.


J. M. - Grinnell - August 23, 2021

Rate hikes on health care, at a time like this especially, are disgusting.


Norma I. - Muscatine - August 20, 2021

This is getting ridiculous.  We already pay $183.58 per week. That’s  already $9,546.16 a year and you want us to pay even more.  Not to mention this is just the premium and I’m still paying $48 per office visit. I had to pay over $200 for an ultrasound I needed.  We are already paying In more than what we are getting in return.  Since when has medical insurance companies become for profit businesses??


Nick H. - Ames - August 19, 2021

Without warranted stated reasons  (other than lining the pockets of shareholders and administrators) for a massive increase in premiums, Wellmark should be prevented from such an increase. The welfare of our community depends on it.


Donovan B. - Fairfield - August 18, 2021

Despite solid revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is proposing upwards of a 21% premium increase for their ACA individual plans for 2022. These skyrocketing increases impact nearly 60,000 Iowans who rely on these plans. UnitedHealthcare has their own proposal to increase rates by upwards of 25%! It's up to the Iowa Insurance Division to step in and deny their proposed premium increases.

Thank you


Mary M. - Iowa City - August 18, 2021

I am writing to ask that the Iowa Insurance Division DENY Wellmark's request for a rate increase. This request has not been justified to the satisfaction of the individuals who will be forced to undergo further hardship. Doug Ommen must say NO.


Linda S. - Newton - August 18, 2021

No one can afford a 21% increase. You can keep this from happening!


Tom S. - Des Moines - August 18, 2021

Please deny this viperous, soulless corporation its latest rate increase request. How much is enough?

Thank you


Jon M. - Nichols - August 17, 2021

Once again its very disgusting  how  us individuals  keep getting terrible rate increases! Something needs done about this,i pay over 16000 dollars a year! I really don't want to go broke paying these ridiculous premiums! Make cuts somewhere else!


Gail B. - Mt. Vernon - August 17, 2021

I don't get why insurance companies get to pay off their share holders with my money, when I'm on a limited income.  Raising rates doesn't benefit any insured individual.  Stock holders, yeah.  Get tired of those guys. Please don't allow BCBS of Iowa to raise their rates.  Have them learn to budget like the rest of us.


Cassie S. - Nashua - August 16, 2021

My question is why? Maybe we need to look at the bigger picture on why they charge so much just going to the doctor.. I didnt have insurance for the first 6 months this year.. the normal doc visit was 300 bucks. And the only reason was for a check up that took 10 mins.. second is i do not believe that your health insurance should be more than your morage payment..  which is why i opted out for the last 6 months . When do we need to choose to not be in medical debit and have a roof over our heads?  Thats dumb. I have children to make sure that they can prosper in this crappy world that it has become. And im not leaving them in my medical debt because i cant afford it.. 3 the cost of living is up food etc.. my electic bill is 300 bucks a month we both have to work 2 damn jobs to make ends meat anyone is more than welcome to look my monthly bills. Im over it im tired and im sure no one is ever gonna see this cause thats the way this works right. You pick and choose what goes in..


Jacquelyn S. - West Des Moines - August 16, 2021

The CEO gets huge wage increase each year while I get Hugh raised cost of my supplement insurance with Well mark or I say Walmart.

The charge way too much.


Mindy K. - Cedar Rapids - August 16, 2021

Please stand with Iowans like myself who live on a budget and deny this proposed increase. Wellmark earned solid revenues. They're doing just fine. Some of us would not be if our premiums were raised. Thanks for your consideration.

Jessica - Des Moines - August 13, 2021

I currently have Wellmark Blue Cross Blue shield, and this increase would increase my healthcare to where I would no longer be able to cover the premiums and would no longer be able to have health insurance, which would be more of a burden on the already overtaxed healthcare system. Please do not increase the premiums and create even more problems to an already flawed healthcare coverage system!

Brian - Woolstock - August 13, 2021

I’m calling to let you know of my displeasure of going ahead and raising my health insurance rates for like the 15th year in a row.  It’s about time to say NO for a change to big companies where they just kind of push us little people around.  I just think that it’s about time to say no for ONCE.  Would you please do that?  

It’s getting atrocious about what’s going on.  Every year it’s 8, 5, 6, 10%, it just goes on and on and on.  It’s time that something needs to change and say we’ve had enough.  I’ve called and called and called in previous years and it seems like that my opinion is not even being heard.  

It’s about time something is done because BlueCross BlueShield is a publicly traded company, and they are sometimes raising their rates just to show profit to their shareholders.  I think that is WRONG.  So, it’s about time something else is done to go ahead and tell the companies that enough is enough.  Maybe there needs to be less wages paid to their top executives to help us little people out here in the country help pay our bills.

PLEASE, listen to my message.  Do something other than just giving them their increases.

I’m getting fed up with it.  I am a BlueCross BlueShield subscriber and this has just gone on long enough.  It’s time that something is done to go ahead and say about time to do some slim-trimming on their part.

I don’t go to the doctor much, but I still have to have health insurance.  I am a self-employed person and it’s just getting tougher and tougher every year.  If you could, PLEASE say no.

Karen - Floyd - August 10, 2021

You're greed knows no bounds!  How do you sleep at night! This needs to stop!

Cory - West Des Moines - August 9, 2021

I pay more to Wallmark every year than I utilize in medical costs for me and my family. With the amount of profit made by the medical insurance industry, there is no reason for another hike in rates like this. As if we didn’t have enough reason to begin with, this is exactly the reason why we need Medicare for all. Go ahead and raise rates again and show the American people why insurance in the private sector, and the greed that comes along with it, needs to go.

David - Glenwood - August 9, 2021

Please control price increases.

Jane - Ankeny - August 9, 2021

I can't afford to pay a 22% increase in my medical bills.   Please deny Wellmark's request but hold them accountable to provide quality care.

Monica - Iowa City - August 9, 2021

Please Do Not approve the rate hike for BC BS. This is far too great of an increase at one time and it will put in jeopardy many Iowans who are already struggling to pay rent and utilities and feed their families. Also, if more people are not able to continue their insurance all the people of Iowa will be paying as we support our state run hospitals. This is a burden on our state. Do Not allow this premium increase to be approved. Thank you.

Jacquelyn - West Des Moines - August 9, 2021

I feel your investment have made money. You should only increase rates less than yearly inflation. Yes insurance is important but you are pricing yourself out of business. Be kind to humans. You advertise as a non profit. ????

Sally - Des Moines - August 9, 2021

A 21% increase in premiums at a time of a pandemic is unconscionable.  You should reject Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shields efforts to increase premiums.

Mark - Kingsley - August 6, 2021

As I send my inquiry into how a business can each year ask for and receive a rate increase, I am not holding my breath as to getting a response.  This has been going on how many years. Please have someone address the situation of rising healthcare costs and insurance companies continually getting a rate increase for their product yet the premium paid by small businesses and/or individuals never receive that type of increase for their products or services.  When is the last time a rate increase has ever been denied?


Kevin - Omaha, NE - August 2, 2021

I have had this policy through BCBS for 12-15 years and the premiums started out at $110 a month.  My rates have increased from $110 to over $500 a month.  This is the first time I have publicly commented on this.  I have been told by a retired agent not to give up this policy, but raising the rates is above and beyond the amount they should increase.  We should by pass this year due to COVID.  The Commissioner has a responsibility to not raise the rates which will help people down the road.


Renee - Waterloo - July 24, 2021

We've had this Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield policy since 2008.  The increases the last few years have been horrendous with last year being the worst ever.  We will pay $14,440.20 for health insurance in 2021.  When this policy started in 2008, it was $3,477.00 for the year.  There should not be an increase at all with how much it was last year.  The monthly premiums have been as follows:















Carol - Sumner - July 24, 2021

Please do not give Wellmark the entire increase they are asking for.   Please hold them accountable to try to reduce their costs.   I understand that medical costs have increased.   I am a HSA holder so Wellmark doesn't pay my claims.   I don't reach my deductible; however, I continue to have huge increases in my premiums.  I understand about statistics and the pool of insureds you are put into to.   There still has to be a way to keep the premiums down for people on HSA's with high deductibles.  Trust me.  HSA insureds are careful about not testing or spending un-necessarily.   We are doing our part.   We cannot afford a 5.9% increase.   We are already paying a huge portion of our salary to health insurance premiums.   Please consider a smaller percentage increase, and let Wellmark do what every other company has done - find a way to reduce spending.   If they had more competition, I'm thinking they'd find a way to streamline the bottom line.   Thank you for your time.

Ryan S. - Sheldon - June 30, 2021

Continuing to raise premiums while the company continues to boast very healthy profits every quarter is inappropriate.  Our income doesn't go up by 11% every year and neither should health insurance. It is absurd that health insurance costs more than housing and groceries often combined.

Carol S. - Atlantic - June 25, 2021

I don’t think the insurance company needs that kind of an increase, especially since last year no procedures were being done because of Covid. Social Security does not get that amount of increase. They need to cut expenses somewhere but not expect the individual to keep paying more each year. When do individuals get a break? I understand people want raises and bonuses but when do the elderly get that? I don’t know why you say we can leave our comments when the comments go unheard., Year after year. 

I really hope the Iowa insurance commissioner takes all of our comments to heart this year. As procedures were not done last year because of Covid so expenses should not have increased.

Thanks for reading my comments.

Carol, who LOOSES money each year!!

Steven B. - Marengo - June 23, 2021

On the request for a base premium rate for Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa “You say NO!” Get these rates lower! So people can afford health insurance. I beg you say no!! My health insurance is already very expensive. And me as all Iowans are fed up with these very high rates. Already Iowans lost their health insurance because it is too expensive. Please listen to me!


Leanne S. - Riverside - June 22, 2021

I am extremely frustrated by the cost of insurance.  My husband & I pay $1456.95 each month - that's over $17,000 a year for our coverage. Neither of us take prescription meds or have any health conditions.  EVERY year our insurance has a HUGE increase - from 2020 to 2021, our monthly premiums increased $156.50 per month.  We both have our own small businesses so we pay the entire amount.  We have both felt a huge financial impact over the last 2 years due to COVID & would love to see a DECREASE in our premiums. There has to be some DRASTIC CHANGES made.  I am tired of paying for everyone else's poor health.  We should be rewarded for having excellent health!  We both make a concerted effort to stay healthy - what can you do as a company to reward us?

Mendy R. - Creston - June 21, 2021

I am writing to you in regards of you wanting to increase my premium rates. I am now on Medicare and on a fixed income. How are people supposed to able to afford health insurance when you want to keep raising our premiums? You need to look at other ways instead of increasing our premiums. Please, oh my ...

P.S. I only go to the doctor when I am dieing. So please keep my premiums down low.