Iowa Insurance Division (IID) Commissioner Doug Ommen announced Monday afternoon that Iowa is withdrawing its Section 1332 Waiver, also known as the Iowa Stopgap Measure, from federal consideration. The Stopgap Measure was a conservative and innovative approach to relieve Iowans suffering under Obamacare. Congress must repeal Obamacare, returning power to states, so states like Iowa can implement innovative solutions that fit their needs. Healthcare reform must be affordable for everyday Iowans and empower consumers to have high quality healthcare.

“Premiums under Obamacare have increased 110% for Iowans since 2013, and thousands of Iowans can no longer afford health insurance,” Governor Kim Reynolds and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma said in a joint statement. “Iowa pursued state flexibility through the Stopgap Measure, but ultimately, Obamacare is an inflexible law that Congress must repeal and replace. Obamacare is unaffordable, unsustainable and unworkable.”

“Obamacare is an unworkable law,” IID Commissioner Ommen said. “The Stopgap Measure was an innovative solution to help thousands of Iowans. Unfortunately, Obamacare’s waiver rules are so inflexible that the Stopgap cannot be approved under terms that would be workable for Iowa. This is evidenced by the fact that a bipartisan group of senators recently announced a bill to fix some of the inflexibilities on Obamacare’s waiver provision that Iowa has run into.”