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Enforcement Orders and Actions

The Iowa Insurance Division brings enforcement actions against individuals or entities related to violations of Iowa statutes or rules. These actions are typically initiated by filing a Statement of Charges or Notice of Hearing and may result in an enforcement order against a producer or entity. If a statement of charges has been filed against you or for more information regarding contested cases, click here.

Non-compliance cases are license disciplinary actions referred to the Iowa Insurance Division by other state agencies including the Iowa Department of Revenue and the Iowa Department of Human Resources.

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Name Case Number Enforcement Date Sort descending Subject Entity Order Non-compliance Case
Weisberg, Max
Simmons, Henry 58158
Taylor, Thomas C. 59369
Insurance Corporation of New York 58637
Turner, Robert C.
Pell, Melissa 58185
Dail, Angela 58375
United Fire & Casualty Company
Baccam, Phoukam
Wachovia Capital Markets LLC
Glass, Susan
McCaa, Pam
Cabell, Douglas
Oberreuter, Sheryl
Reynolds, Archie Paul
Lueders, Christine
Nationwide Life Insurance Company
Tapken, John
Moscoso, Luis
Straw, Jack
Flattery, Edmond
Ahlf, Johnathan
Adam Jr., Jack
Welander, LuJean
Mcgraw, Nathan
Conroy, John
Whitinger, Trent
Rosen, Michael
Healey, James
Knall, David Wells
Opheim, James
Sovia, Shannon
Cahill, Amy C. 57983
Mollin, Harold P. 58978
Hrdlicka, Raymond W. 59295
Herrera, Richard L. 58955
Employers Mutual LLC 59720
Gesink Jr., Henry 58993
United American Insurance Company 59599
Reliable Life Insurance Company
Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company
Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Company 59668
Golden American Life Insurance Company
McGinnis, Douglas D. 59303
Revland, Markis K. 59314
Bratty, Brooke 59315
Frey, Terry G.
NCMIC Insurance Company 58726
Huebner, Daniel W. 58838
Dolphin, Troy W. 58828