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Enforcement Orders and Actions

The Iowa Insurance Division brings enforcement actions against individuals or entities related to violations of Iowa statutes or rules. These actions are typically initiated by filing a Statement of Charges or Notice of Hearing and may result in an enforcement order against a producer or entity. If a statement of charges has been filed against you or for more information regarding contested cases, click here.

Non-compliance cases are license disciplinary actions referred to the Iowa Insurance Division by other state agencies including the Iowa Department of Revenue and the Iowa Department of Human Resources.

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Name Case Number Sort descending Enforcement Date Subject Entity Order Non-compliance Case
Chamley Financial LLC 58058
Chamley, James 58060
Laurence, Larry D. 58062
Koch, Edward T. 58063
Trawick, Daryl C. 58064
Cross, Scott K. 58065
Darnell, Mary E. 58071
Hawkeye Life Insurance Group Inc 58074
Gless, Richard E. 58077
Gray, Jerome E. 58078
Knutson, Randy G. 58080
UNUM Life Insurance Company of America 58083
Koch, Edward T. 58084
Larpenter, Mike 58091
Larpenter, Patricia 58092
Pipkin, Chris Howard 58093
Decambra, Jennifer L. 58116
Dasilva Jr., Walter C. 58121
Harl, Christopher 58122
Praul, Allen D. 58123
Praul, Allen D. 58123
Premium Income Corporation 58124
McKenna, Todd J. 58125
Harden, Tony L. 58126
Deel, Stephanie J. 58128
Paul Revere Life Insurance Company 58133
Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company 58134
Provident Life and Casualty Insurance Company 58135
Mankamyer, Michele L. 58137
Peters, Jerry L. 58147
Custom Dollar Systems LLC 58149
Sayre, Robert C. 58157
Simmons, Henry 58158
Cunningham, Kevin J. 58160
Christian, Crystal 58178
Pell, Melissa 58185
Thole, John M. 58191
John Hancock Life Insurance Company 58325
Raymond, Daniel R. 58348
Smith Jr., Herman 58349
Conseco Annuity Assurance Company 58369
Dail, Angela 58375
Andrews, Edgar Lee 58409
U. S. Bancorp 58411
Citigroup Global Markets Inc 58412
Goldman Sachs & Co 58413
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc 58414
Bear Stearns & Co Inc 58415
Lehman Brothers Inc 58416
Morgan Stanley & Co Inc 58417