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Enforcement Orders and Actions

The Iowa Insurance Division brings enforcement actions against individuals or entities related to violations of Iowa statutes or rules. These actions are typically initiated by filing a Statement of Charges or Notice of Hearing and may result in an enforcement order against a producer or entity. If a statement of charges has been filed against you or for more information regarding contested cases, click here.

Non-compliance cases are license disciplinary actions referred to the Iowa Insurance Division by other state agencies including the Iowa Department of Revenue and the Iowa Department of Human Resources.

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Name Case Number Sort descending Enforcement Date Subject Entity Order Non-compliance Case
Opheim, James H. 58418
Sell, Steven J. 58419
Evanovich, Roy 58420
Segal, Michael 58423
Richardson, Terry C. 58425
Bronson, Michael J. 58437
Hubbard, Roderick D. 58440
Riley, Derrick L. 58469
Lavin, Larry 58472
Healey, James J. 58474
Engels, Constance D. 58476
Bahls, David R. 58483
Mutual Service Life Insurance Company 58487
Royal Indemnity Company 58489
Standard Guaranty Insurance Company 58490
Crown Life Insurance Company 58493
Centre Life Insurance Company 58494
TIG Insurance Company 58504
Fowler, Bradley S. 58564
Pettus, Rodney 58572
Smith, Jessica 58573
Curtin, Jeffrey C. 58576
Carmichael Jr., Arthur C. 58577
Cooper, Anastasia B. 58581
Ray Jr., Rayna 58582
Binstock, Julie 58585
Gibson, Roderick P. 58624
Ronnfeldt, Gary B. 58627
Borrego, Jesse 58629
Augustine, Amanda 58630
Insurance Corporation of New York 58637
Acceptance Insurance Company 58638
Worldwide Insurance Services Inc 58656
Deutsche Bank Securities Inc 58659
Thomas Weisel Partners LLC 58660
Gajdos, Daniel 58674
Union Security Life Insurance Company 58677
Semon, Roy L. 58680
Johnson, Daniel H 58683
King, Lawrence S. 58684
Fagan, Robert Shaun 58685
Straka, Catherine A. 58687
Kibbee, Jason L. 58688
Smith, Yusef D. 58689
Behnkendorf, Gerald D. 58710
Bacon, Jerry A 58725
NCMIC Insurance Company 58726
White, Jon A. 58727
Roche, Michael J. 58728
Dressander, Michael S. 58732