The Iowa Insurance Division’s Regulated Industries Unit utilizes an online filing portal system for both licensing and annual reporting. 


New Licensees

Those applying for a new preneed seller license or preneed sales agent license must print and complete the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Criminal History Record Check Request Form.  Return the completed form to the Iowa Insurance Division. Do not submit the form to DCI.  If you are not set up on the filing portal system, contact us to get your user name and password. 


License Renewal

License renewal is now part of filing the annual report each year.


Annual Reporting

Annual reporting is done through the filing portal system.  It is important that the CSV file used is formatted precisely as required and that it have all the required data.  If you have a large amount of sales to report, your annual report may require multiple CSV files.  Click here for detailed instructions, online tutorials, Excel templates, and more to help you complete your annual reporting.  Contact the Iowa Insurance Division if you need an extension for filing your annual report.


Contact us

If you need assistance, please contact the Iowa Insurance Division.