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File a Consumer Complaint

Before You File a Complaint

Please read through our complaint process flowchart below before submitting your complaint!

Additional details about the complaint process.

Does Iowa have jurisdiction?

Can I file with Iowa?

  • Only if my policy was issued in the state of Iowa
  • Only if I am covered by a group policy issued to an employer based in Iowa

We will send your complaint to the insurance company and ask them to review and respond to us regarding your concerns.


Please contact the appropriate regulatory agency or insurance department of the state in which the policy was issued/purchased for assistance.  Even though an insurance company is domiciled or has its home base in the state of Iowa, the state in which the policy was issued/purchased has jurisdiction.

Other states' contact information

Receive and review the company's response

We will ask for more information if needed and work with the company to address resolvable issues.

Typically, the complaint process can take up to 30-45 days from receipt of the complaint and our review of the information from the company.

Provide you with an explanation of the company's response and our review

We may suggest steps you can take to have your concerns evaluated if it is outside of our authority.

Your complaint becomes part of the company's and/or insurance producer's record with our agency

We monitor companies and insurance producers for trends in their conduct.

Ready to file?
Online Consumer Complaint
Online Consumer Complaint