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For those innovators who are seeking engagement with the Division as an insurtech (rather than through the traditional rate and form filing process), the Division recommends preparation of a concept document or other informational documentation to describe the innovation and its application.  Information documents could contain the following information, if available:

  • A description of the innovation.

  • Anticipated benefits, whether for consumers, market competition, insurers, producers, or others in the business of insurance.

  • Any anticipated business plan for piloting of the innovation, including if available, estimated time periods for market entry, controls for monitoring the test or pilot, and, if necessary, a time period and consumer protection controls for a market exit.

  • Identification of any regulations that may require review or interpretation, including any requests to keep production confidential.

To discuss an innovative product, submit a concept document or for any questions, contact the Iowa Insurance Division at: or 515-654-6570.