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Investor Education & Financial Literacy

A little education can go a long ways towards protecting consumers.  Financial literacy and investor education are critical life skills for all Iowans.  The Iowa Insurance Division strives to help Iowans by providing information to help them make prudent financial choices and to be wise and safe investors.  Information provided by the Iowa Insurance Division and our partners help Iowans of all ages to understand basic financial principles, the financial products they are purchasing, and to be aware of different scams and fraudulent schemes currently being used.



The Save4Later website has valuable information on retirement planning, budgeting and debt reduction, and saving and investing, along with short courses, calculators and videos to make getting financially fit fun. There is an assessment tool to guide users to the right courses based on their existing knowledge of financial topics and leads them to build upon this base of knowledge. Plan. Earn. Save. Retire.


SmartHER Money

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The SmartHER Money website has valuable financial education information specifically for women.  Money is different for women.  SmartHER Money offers free unbiased financial information for women with subjects such as budgeting, retirement planning, investing, financial planning and more.


When I'm 65

Retirement is an important consideration for all people at any age! Also check out for the many videos to help you better plan and make sense of your retirement, finding a licensed securities agent or investment adviser, etc. - no matter what age you are currently at.  


Financial Literacy for Middle School Students

It is easier to make financial literacy and well-being a lifelong habit when key concepts are learned at a young age.  For fifth to ninth grade students, the Iowa Insurance Division sponsors the Mad About Money program from the National Theatre for Children.  The program teaches students about financial literacy through fun and engaging improvisational comedy sketches and provides activities and workbooks for teachers to expand upon the educational content.  Schedule a performance at your school today.

Financial Literacy for High School Students

The Iowa Insurance Division sponsors the Iowa Financial Literacy Program through EverFi which allows any Iowa high school to utilize the program at no cost.  Since 2015, over 300 Iowa schools have used the Iowa Financial Literacy Program in their classrooms and more than 71,000 high school students have benefited from an online financial literacy platform that is both engaging to students and aligns with the Iowa Core essential financial literacy concepts and skills for high school students.

The Iowa Insurance Division partners with participating schools, EverFi, and, if applicable, the school's local sponsor to recognize student achievement when classes have completed all nine of the learning modules contained in the Iowa Financial Literacy Program and reached certified status. The certification ceremony is an opportunity to present students with a certificate denoting their successful completion of the Iowa Financial Literacy Program and for their parents, educators and community to applaud the students for taking a positive step towards a financially-successful future.

Parents are a key component to students mastering financial literacy skills.  Parents wanting to sample the EverFi course may do so using the following login information:
Username: parentdemo
Password: iowa123

Educators wanting more information about gaining access to the program may contact Collin Lane at

Funding the Future

The Iowa Insurance has also partnered with Funding the Future to bring financial literacy education to Iowa students in a fun, interactive way.  Contact us if you are interested in having a presentation made at your school.

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Fully understanding the financial components of investing your savings can be complicated.  Contact the Iowa Insurance Division if you need assistance.