The Iowa Insurance Division is now recruiting highly motivated attorneys interested in regulatory enforcement and possessing an aptitude for the insurance markets and its products. The Division is seeking candidates who have demonstrated high quality analytic skills in school and the work environment.

We are recruiting enforcement attorneys in our Enforcement Bureau to conduct regulatory compliance in the insurance, securities and related business markets. These attorneys devote attention to investigation and enforcement of consumer protection statutes and regulations in the insurance, securities and related markets. These attorneys provide confidential legal advice and counsel to the Deputy Commissioner for Market Regulation and other officials in the Division on division-related enforcement, goals, programs and mission.

Enforcement attorneys also aid leadership in the preparation of legal memoranda and important legislative and administrative regulation changes.

Enforcement attorneys gather and assess evidence and bring administrative actions to deter unfair, deceptive or unlawful conduct by insurance companies, agents, adjusters, or administrators. Enforcement attorneys conduct reviews, investigations and examinations of insurance companies using generally accepted procedures established by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”) to maintain compliance in the insurance industry. Enforcement attorneys meet with insurance company officials to evaluate internal controls and systems designed by the companies to promote fair dealing with consumers. The Iowa Insurance Enforcement Bureau is organized to include a team of five enforcement attorneys who pursue market conduct actions protecting consumers throughout the state of Iowa. The investigations, examinations and subsequent enforcement actions can involve complex cases. Enforcement attorneys may work cooperatively with compliance officers or examiners from other NAIC member states to pursue actions that involve market conduct crossing state boundaries. Enforcement attorneys often work closely with complaint investigators, market analysts and examiners in the Market Regulation Bureau and with special investigators in the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

Enforcement attorneys handle matters involving various lines of insurance, which primarily include life, annuities, property and casualty, health, and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as prosecute actions involving the activities of insurance producers and securities brokers conducting business in the State of Iowa. During the course of an administrative law enforcement action, the enforcement attorneys in the Enforcement Bureau will use a variety of procedures including written requests for information, witness interviews, interrogatories, requests for production of documents, subpoenas for documents and testimony, and the filing of statements of charges.

Enforcement attorneys will examine witnesses in hearings, obtain enforcement orders and negotiate relief through settlement approved by the deputy commissioner. Enforcement attorneys will personally appear before the commissioner or other tribunals handling these matters, or may be designated by the commissioner to preside over these matters and prepare recommended findings, conclusions and orders for the commissioner.
Enforcement attorneys must have graduated from an accredited law school prior to commencing work for the Division and must possess the equivalent of two years insurance or other regulatory work experience. The diverse and fast-paced tasks of enforcement attorneys require a dynamic personality eager to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing regulatory environment.

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