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Insurance Company Examiner

The Iowa Insurance Division is currently seeking an Insurance Company Analyst to join the Company Regulation Bureau.  The Company Regulation Bureau (CREG) is responsible for the solvency of insurers doing business in Iowa.  

The Insurance Company Analyst serves as the primary source of information regarding the solvency and operation of the insurers assigned for their review.    Insurance Company Analysts analyze/review financial statements, management discussions and analysis documents, actuarial opinions, audit reports, intercompany transactions, and other information.

The Analyst leverages information obtained from review of documents and collaborates with team members in order to document their understanding of an insurer in conformance with the Insurance Division’s qualitative risk assessment process.  The risk assessment process culminates in a formal review of the Analyst’s proposed assessment of the insurer’s prospective solvency.

In addition, the Analyst collaborates with subject matter experts in order to gain additional insight into complex or unusual topics.    Analysts also leverage insight gained by field examiners that perform the on-site company examination work.

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