Many individuals make funeral and burial arrangements and establish some form of funding, such as a trust account or insurance policy, prior to their death. Any business entity and their sales agents offering to provide cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise or funeral services upon an individual’s death in the future must be licensed with the Iowa Insurance Division.

Those applying for a new preneed seller license must print and complete the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Criminal History Record Check Request Form.  Return the completed form to the Iowa Insurance Division. Do not submit the form to DCI.  If you are not set up on the filing portal system, contact us to get your user name and password.  

Preneed sellers and their preneed sales agents must be licensed and file annual reports.  The filing process for licenses and annual reports is done online through the Iowa Insurance Division’s RIU portal.  Please see the instructions and forms for the filing process for preneed sellers, preneed sales agents, insurance companies issuing preneed policies and financial institutions that hold preneed trust accounts.  

If you have questions regarding  annual report filings please contact the Iowa Insurance Division.

Preneed sellers and preneed sales agents must comply with requirements set forth in the Iowa Cemetery and Funeral Merchandise and Funeral Services Act located at Iowa Code chapter 523A and Iowa Administrative Code chapter 191-100.


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