Thursday, March 30, 2017

Iowans will be eligible to participate in the DASH for the STASH program launched by the Iowa Insurance Division and the nonprofit Investor Protection Institute during Financial Literacy Month in April.  The DASH for the STASH provides investor education information in a game-like setting and win prizes to open or add to an individual retirement account (IRA) in 2017.

“Investor education is important for all Iowans,” Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen said.  “By equipping Iowans with information to help spot and avoid investment scams, we can help stop fraud before it happens. The DASH for the STASH program is a unique and engaging way to help provide this consumer education.”

“Investor education has to be relevant to people to be most effective,” said Don Blandin, president and CEO of the Investor Protection Institute.  “By bringing investor education to libraries and other community locations, we are ensuring that it is relevant to the lives of people and integrated directly into their lives.  The best advice in the world only works if people find out about it and have an incentive to learn and absorb the information.”

DASH for the STASH will be offered at public libraries, colleges, high schools, workplaces and community organizations across Iowa.  During the term of the contest, each location will hold a DASH for the STASH event. For more information, rules, educational posters and current list of locations, event details and dates, go to