Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Woman Who’s the Face of Our Fraud Fighter Campaign Honored as Money Hero

Martha Jo Ennis of Marion is Iowa’s representative in Money magazine issue


DES MOINES, July 2, 2014. The July issue of Money magazine recognizes “Money Heroes” from each state. Martha Jo Ennis of Marion was nominated by Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart as a Money Hero for Money’s annual issue devoted to recognizing exemplary activities by individuals in each state.  Martha Jo is the recognizable face of the IID Fraud Fighters campaign that began in Fall 2013. 

Martha Jo is remarkable in telling her story in a way to which Iowans can relate. A retired school teacher, she believed she was being careful and prudent in placing her trust and her money with an investment adviser named Noah Aulwes.  Unfortunately, the trust was misplaced.  Martha Jo lost her life savings and an inheritance, which together is reported to have totaled over a million dollars.

While many people would be ashamed and embarrassed to publicly admit they had been victimized, she nevertheless, allowed the Insurance Division to include her story as an example of the kind of damage investment fraud can do.  Further, she participated in the IID’s investor education campaign by attending events, appearing in the video that kicks off each Fraud Fighter event and allowing her story to be on the campaign’s web site.

“She’s been so important to our campaign,” said Gerhart. “It’s easy for us to speak about risks associated with bad actors in the business and to offer tips for investors to use in protecting themselves, but having a story about a real person and real events brings the message home in a personal way.  It takes courage to be that example.  I am proud to know her and pleased the magazine has chosen to recognize and honor her.”