The Iowa Insurance Division promulgates administrative rules to administer, supervise and enforce insurance law.  The Iowa Insurance Division follows the processes set forth in Iowa Code Chapter 17A.  Administrative rules which the Iowa Insurance Division has filed “notice of intended action” with the administrative rules coordinator but which have not yet been adopted as law show up below as “pending rules,” and administrative rules which have an effective date within the last six months appear below as “newly adopted rules."


Pending Rules

Posted on Description ARC number Hearing date
09/21/2017 Chapter 112 - Term and Universal Life Insurance Reserve Financing (new chapter) 3362C 11/01/2017
06/27/2017 Chapter 50: Regulation of Securities Offerings and Those Who Engage in the Securities Business 3200C 08/08/2017

Newly Adopted Rules

Posted on Description ARC number Effective date
06/21/2017 Chapter 98: Annual Financial Reporting Requirements 3145C 07/26/2017
06/21/2017 Chapter 96: Synthetic Guaranteed Investment Contracts 3144C 07/26/2017
12/21/2016 Chapter 90 Financial and Health Information Regulation 2873C 01/25/2017
12/21/2016 Chapter 50 Regulation of Securities Offerings and Those Who Engage in the Securities Business 2872C 01/25/2017
12/2/2016 Chapter 24 Iowa Retirement Facilities 2826C 12/28/2016
12/2/2016 Chapter 101 Burial Sites and Cemeteries 2810C 12/14/2016
12/2/2016 Chapter 100 Sale of Cemetery Merchandise, etc. 2730C 11/02/2016
12/2/2016 Chapter 50 Securities 2731C 11/02/2016
12/2/2016 Chapter 54 Residential Service Contracts 2729C 11/02/2016
12/2/2016 Chapter 23 Motor Vehicle Service Contracts 2728C 11/02/2016
12/2/2016 Chapter 21 Surplus Lines 2727C 11/02/2016
07/27/2016 Chapter 76 - External Review 2601C 07/27/2016
06/6/2016 Chapter 15 - Unfair Trade Practices, updating the telephone number for the Hotline referenced in Appendix II 2602C 07/27/2016
04/8/2016 Chapter 59 - Pharmacy Benefits Managers 2518C 06/01/2016