A navigator entity must hold a current federal navigator grant and shall obtain a navigator entity license from the Iowa Insurance Division by completing an application for Iowa Navigator Entity License.

Navigator entities wishing to renew their license must do so within 60 days of the expiration of the navigator entity license by completing a renewal application. Failure to apply to renew a license and pay appropriate fees prior to the expiration date of the license will result in expiration of the license.

Navigator entity licenses may be renewed, however, should a navigator entity’s license expire, they must re-apply as new.

To voluntarily surrender a navigator entity license, please submit to the Iowa Insurance Division a request that includes the navigator entity licensee name and FEIN.

Other Requirements

A navigator entity shall notify the Iowa Insurance Division in writing, within 30 days, when it has terminated a relationship with an individual navigator. The notification submitted by the navigator entity shall indicate the date of termination, if the termination was for cause, and if the reason for termination was one of the reasons set forth in Iowa Code Section 522D.7