In many instances, unlicensed personnel assist licensed insurance producers. See the information below regarding what unlicensed personnel may or may not do.

Unlicensed personnel may:

  • Announce and introduce the availability of products and services by handing out brochures, informing the customer of the availability of products and services generally, and inform the customer of the presence of a licensed agent on the premises.
  • Show customers other approved marketing literature, including summary sheets, highlights and corporate reports to help answer general questions.
  • Assist with the completion of the application by recording information on the application (however the unlicensed personnel may not sign the application) or referring the customer to a licensed agent if the customer is unable to complete the application without further assistance.
  • Refer interested customers to a licensed agent by introducing the customer to a licensed agent, setting up an appointment with a licensed agent, informing the customer of the location of the insurer and a toll-free phone number, providing the customer with the name and phone number of a licensed agent, or forwarding the name and phone number of the interested customer to a licensed agent.
  • Receive completed applications and checks made payable to insurers by depositing the check into the insurers premium account, attaching the transaction receipt to the application and forwarding the signed application and transaction receipt to the licensed agent.

Unlicensed personnel may not:

  • Solicit customers to purchase insurance or annuities.
  • Attempt to discuss, interpret, or elaborate upon the information contained in the brochure, application or other sales literature.
  • Give advice or describe the specific characteristics or coverage of the annuity or insurance products.
  • Discuss rates, sales charges, or tax treatments of any product.
  • Attempt to answer any insurance or annuity questions - these requests for additional information should be referred to a licensed agent.
  • Sign an insurance application without a license.