Des Moines – John A. McAfee of Hannibal, Missouri, and McAfee & Associates were recently ordered by the Iowa Insurance Division to cease and desist from creating or purchasing and sending certain mailers or envelopes to Iowa residents or Iowa locations as stated in the enforcement order. McAfee and McAfee & Associates are now subject to a one year monitoring period and are also ordered to pay a total of $10,000 in civil penalties and $1,800.00 in costs of investigation. 

McAfee, the owner and registered agent of McAfee & Associates, sent mailers to Iowa consumers that were deceptive, misleading, and created a false impression that the mailers were sent by the government. The mailers were sent for the purpose of generating marketing leads for life insurance, even though that information was not disclosed on the mailers.

“We encourage Iowa consumers to reach out to our office if something seems misleading,” Chance McElhaney, Iowa Insurance Division spokesman said.  “Scammers will use a variety of tactics to be deceptive in order to take advantage of folks."

McAfee & Associates were previously barred on February 4, 2019 from sending mailers to Iowa residents or any location in Iowa that “create a false impression that the mailer is sent from any government entity or department” and ordered to pay $5,000 to the Iowa Attorney General to be deposited in the Consumer Education and Litigation Fund.

Iowans are encouraged to contact the Iowa Insurance Division if they need assistance.