Des Moines, Iowa - Former insurance producer Dustin French of Red Oak, Iowa, was recently sentenced in Montgomery County District Court after pleading guilty to his actions in an insurance fraud scheme.

The sentence follows an investigation by the Iowa Insurance Division’s Fraud Bureau which began in April of 2020.  The investigation concluded French received compensation from his insurer on multiple occasions following claims to his insurance provider.  The investigation determined the documentation supporting the claims was not accurate, leading to French receiving benefits to which he was not entitled.

In February of 2021, French was charged with one count of Insurance Fraud - Presenting False Information (Class D Felony) and one count of Theft in the 2nd Degree (Class D Felony). 

In July of 2021, French pled guilty to one count of Theft 3rd Degree (Aggravated Misdemeanor).  French received a deferred judgement and was ordered to serve two years probation.  French was also assessed a civil penalty of $855 and ordered to pay $1,800 in victim restitution. 

Iowans with information about insurance fraud are encouraged to contact the Iowa Insurance Division’s Fraud Bureau at 515-654-6556.

Photo courtesy of the Montgomery County Jail.