Des Moines - Patrick Dilworth, age 32, was sentenced on August 7, 2023, after pleading guilty to two counts of Fraudulent Insurance Submissions (Class D Felony) and one count of Theft in the 3rd degree (Aggravated Misdemeanor) following an investigation by the Iowa Insurance Divisions Fraud Bureau.

The investigation began in September 2022, after the Iowa Insurance Division's Fraud Bureau received information implicating Dilworth in a series of fraudulent insurance claims across multiple companies. The investigation determined Dilworth falsified injury reports and accompanying documentation to gain monetary benefits to which he was not entitled.

Dilworth was taken into custody by the Johnson County Sheriff’s office on July 15, 2023.

Dilworth received a 5 year suspended sentence to be served concurrently with 3 years of supervised probation and a suspended fine of $1,025 for two of the counts.  Additionally, Dilworth received a 2 year suspended sentence, to run concurrently with a suspended fine of $855, for the remaining count. Dilworth was also ordered to pay restitution.

Iowans with information about insurance fraud are encouraged to contact the Iowa Insurance Division’s Fraud Bureau at 515-654-6556.

Photo courtesy of the Johnson County Sheriff’s office.