Public Comments:

We have purchased health insurance as a couple from Golden Rule since 2012. We started out at $683 and now we are at $1591. We had to go from a deductible of $2500 to $5ooo to try and afford this insurance. We are healthy. This is ridiculous. Please say no to this increase.

Ron and Kit, Bettendorf

I think a rate increase of 16.6% is pretty steep considering the economy. If I were to ask the boss for a 16.6% wage increase, he would laugh, but somehow it seems to be the norm since covid. Pass the buck on to the little guy so the big greedy companies can make more and more. There is going to have to come a time when someone puts their foot down and says enough is enough. But I am sure it will pass with flying colors when it gets looked at and someone will say, eh looks good to me. I think some people will have to drop out because they can't afford it, and maybe they will be better off. They can let the government bail them out instead. My opinion is going to be a mute point, as no one will even read it, so I am probably wasting my time by giving my 2 cents.

Randal, Harlan