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Summary - Resident Iowa Continuing Education

Continuing Education compliance and license renewal must be completed prior to the expiration date on the license. See Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 191.11.

You may view your CE transcript using the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Print Your Education Transcript tool.
Only courses approved by the Iowa Insurance Division will satisfy the Iowa CE requirement.

Credits Required

Major Lines of Authority
IAC 191—11.3(505,522B) Continuing education requirements for producers.

11.3(1) Every licensed resident producer must complete a minimum of 36 credits for each CE term in courses approved by the division. Three of these credits must be in the subject of ethics. By the end of the last business day of the producer’s CE term, the division must receive from the producer proof of completion of the CE courses.

11.3(3) A producer cannot carry over CE credits earned in excess of the producer’s CE term requirements from one CE term to the next.

11.3(4) A producer may receive CE credit for self-study courses. A self-study course is considered completed when the examination is received by the CE provider.

  • a. A producer may receive CE credit for self-study courses that are part of a recognized national designation program as described in subrule 11.5(5).
  • b. A producer may receive CE credits for self-study courses during a CE term that do not meet the definition of paragraph 11.3(4) “a” if the producer:
    (1) Submits an affidavit to the CE provider stating that the examination was independently proctored and was completed without any outside assistance, and
    (2) Correctly answers at least 70 percent of the questions presented.

11.3(5) A producer may not receive CE credit for courses taken prior to the issuance of an initial license.

11.3(6) A producer cannot receive CE credit for the same course twice in one CE term. A producer cannot receive CE credit both for the classroom portion and for the examination portion of a national designation program as defined in subrule 11.5(5). 

11.3(7) A producer may elect to comply with the CE requirements by taking and passing the appropriate licensing examination for each qualification held by the producer.

Retaking exams may be done 90 days prior to the license expiration date. A copy of the Pearson Vue examination pass report needs to be submitted to the Division so the producer's file can be updated to show CE compliant.

Crop Only

11.3(8) A resident producer who only holds qualification for a crop insurance line of authority needs only to demonstrate the following to renew:
 a. The producer has completed all training and continuing education requirements imposed by the federal Risk Management Association, if any; and
 b. The producer has completed 18 credits of continuing education, 3 of which must be in the area of ethics

Public Adjusters

An individual who holds a public adjuster license shall satisfactorily complete a minimum of 24 credits of continuing education, including 2 credits of ethics, reported on a biennial basis in conjunction with the license renewal cycle.


  • A producer who is licensed for only credit or surety.
  • A producer who is an attorney licensed to sell insurance. Licensed attorneys who are also producers need to submit to the Division proof of continuing legal education for the appropriate calendar years during the CE term.
  • A nonresident producer who lives in a state where CE is required.

Iowa Administrative Code: Chapter 11, 191-11.3 (505522B)