Des Moines - The Iowa Insurance Division is beginning the claims process to reimburse customers harmed by Andrew Joyce of Joyce Funeral Home in Emmetsburg, Iowa, following a Polk County District Court ruling that approved the Iowa Insurance Division’s request to begin the claims process.

The claims process follows the Iowa Insurance Division’s appointment as receiver of the Joyce Funeral Home on June 5, 2020.  The Iowa Insurance Division sought to be appointed receiver when its investigation revealed a number of deposits that could not be matched to a burial, which suggested that thousands of dollars in preneed purchase agreements had been sold and the money had not been placed in trust, as required by Iowa law. The Iowa Insurance Division’s goal in the receivership has been to collect all the assets of the Joyce Funeral Home and to make them available to consumers who were harmed by this conduct.

The receivership action follows a previous cease and desist order issued in October of 2019.  The Iowa Insurance Division’s Fraud Bureau also investigated Joyce’s conduct and filed criminal complaints against Joyce charging him with one count of Ongoing Criminal Conduct (B Felony), one count of Theft 1st Degree (Class C Felony), one count of Theft 2nd Degree (Class D Felony), and one count of Failure to Trust Preneed Funeral Services (Class D Felony).

“Letters via postal mail will be sent to those known to have been harmed in this case in the coming days, however, there may be more people still out there that have not yet come forward,” Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen said.  “I encourage any and all Iowans that have been harmed to fill out a claim form either online or via mail for our office to review.”

Known customers that have been harmed will be sent a letter.  Customers harmed may submit a claim online or by sending the Iowa Insurance Division a completed paper claim form.  Claims must be submitted on or before Monday, November 7, 2022.

Submitting any supporting documentation with the claim form will help the Iowa Insurance Division evaluate and process the claim.  Customers harmed may still make a claim even if they do not have all or any of the documentation for the claim.

If you have any questions regarding the claims process, contact Connie Dykstra by email at or by phone at (515) 314-9380.